Security Council

First Session

By: Nicolás Montoya


“The conflict will be solved by the country and for the country” Delegation of Ethiopia.The delegation of Ethiopia

emphasizes that the issue is an internal matter and not an international crisis. On the contrary, The delegation of the

United Kingdom argues that it is not a national crisis and gives an example of the time that the State of Eritrean issue got out of hand and became an international matter. The delegation of the UK and the State of Eritrea argues on whether there still are Eritrean troops on the Ethiopian floor or if they backed up as Eritrea's delegation states.  

“Eritrea responded to Ethiopia 's call of help” Delegation of Eritrea. 

The delegation of Ethiopia claims that the sources that had been brought up by the delegation of The UK are not reliable and they also have information regarding the deplorable that the government of the UK has managed their own issues. As a response, the delegation of UK states to be offended since the information is out of context. 


The delegation of the United States expresses that the issue has become an international matter and reminds the delegation of Ethiopia that the reason why the delegation is present is because they are violating human rights. The delegation of the French Republic states that the French citizens are directly affected by the situation, because there are French citizens currently living in Ethiopia. 


According to the delegation of the UK, Ethiopia has put a block on their territory and they have not let humanitarian aid help. Following this, the delegation UK states that the delegation of Ethiopia should be collaborating by letting help pass through the borders.  The Ethiopian delegation claims that the help could be destroyed, be seen as trash, and overall, would not be helpful. The delegation of the US claims that the Ethiopian public forces commit abuses of power very often.

Second Session

By: Nicolás Montoya

The delegation of Ethiopia and the delegation of Eritrea argue that there has never been a violation of Human Rights from the public forces. They stated that this information is not true and they considered it disrespectful to blame these governments for such crimes. The delegations highlight again, that no international intervention should be done.


The delegation of China establishes its position on the conflict. China claims that the Ethiopian government has done everything possible to remedy the conflict effectively and that the committee should not be discussing the issue, since African problems should have African solutions. The delegation of South Sudan states that clearly there have been many crimes against humanity but that the point of the discussion should not be to find who is guilty for all these problems, but rather to find a solution to the issue. 


The delegations of UK, France and USA, claim that Ethiopia is falsely denying the fact that the sources where the information was retrieved. They claim that there is even evidence from the UN itself. The delegation of the UK asks if the Chinese interest in keeping Ethiopia out of intervention is only political, claiming that China has large economic relationships with the nation of Ethiopia. 


The delegation of Ethiopia points out that all of the present delegations are only criticizing the way that the country has managed its own affairs and are not helping in any way. The Ethiopian delegation mentions that they are working hard in order to end the issue. Nevertheless, the delegation of the United States of America expresses that the intention of most of the present delegations is just to help. 


The delegation of Ethiopia proposes to find a solution to the country issue by making a deal with the commander of the TPLF. The delegation of Ethiopia recognises that bad things have been done, however, it denies that genocides are part of those bad things like the delegation of the UK suggested. 


Closing the second session, the delegation of China