Disarmament and International Security Committee

First Session

By: Sofía Atehortúa


Laser guns 

In this session it will be discussed the advantages and disadvantages of using these weapons for each state and they

will be evaluated in a general point of view.

Laser guns have a lot of advantages. It can be used to protect and defend people. 

It was also mentioned that security is a basic need for everyone.


<Technology only amplifies true leadership.>


The delegation of the US wants to continue developing technology with the reason that laser guns are one of the best ways to defend and protect people. On the other hand, the delegation of China considers that the real intention of this mechanism is attack, and that it must be regulated but not completely banned.  

Self defense is the reason why the delegation of the US insistently said that the country wants to improve its laser weapons and technology. Laser weapons guarantee the security and the protection of human rights and all citizens around the world. 

Furthermore,the decision to use this type of weapons is one of the best strategies that states can implement. As it happened in the Libyan country, it was really helpful for them because they managed to protect themselves from attacks.

It is important that these weapons are regulated in order to use them only in situations that warrant it. 


<It is significant to think about if it is more important to protect people or develop weapons.>

As the delegate of the UK said that this type of weapon functions by electricity, the power that these weapons provide can be offensive or defensive. 

The delegate concluded by saying that the country of its delegation will be willing to work with other delegations to establish regulations on the use of these weapons.

The delegation of India divided these weapons into two types in order to start the investigation of how laser guns can be regulated.


  • HPL: Attack one target at a time. Only for self defense.

  • HPM: It is more harmful because it uses microwaves that attack many targets at a time.


After analyzing both types, the US delegation wants to completely ban the HPM with the purpose of preventing civilian deaths at all costs.

The delegation of Israel considered that as all delegations wanted to protect people, ¿Why don't they just use these weapons to attack drones?

The delegation also considers that a possible solution to prevent peoples damage might be banning the HPM completely.


Dazzlers are introduced. Dazzlers are a type of weapon that disorient people and blind them forever, it's not temporary.

Second Session

By: Sofía Atehortúa

Laser types 

  • Solid - state laser: light pumping         

  • Gas laser: Electrical energy to light

  • Liquid laser: Use liquid to create laser


  • Electrolaser: Is the cheapest one. Long distance laser

  • Pulse energy projectiles: Plasma, sound and electromagnetics

  • Dazzlers: Can blind people, it depends on its power.


Regulate the voltages that the laser weapons use, because its voltage might have a deeper  effect on the target, including negative consequences like harming innocent people.

How to regulate these weapons?

The delegation of Turkey considered that this weapons can be classified in two ways:


  • The ones with High power, that can be used in a really strategic way

  • And the Tactical or not very powerful weapons where its power can be regulated.


This classification wont help in order to regulate these weapons. Quite the opposite, a more efficient way to regulate might be through analyzing what types of damage it can cause, if maybe the damage is temporary or a long-term damage that may be permanent.


After considering that dazzlers should be banned, the delegation of the US concluded that it is not the best decision to just ban this kind of weapon, because all of them cause damage in their own way.


Depending on the situation, each state can make use of different types of these weapons by taking into account its power and varied voltage.